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HeadUnit for Android Auto

on your tablet.

This project was started by Mike Reid, who sadly have passed away in early 2016. His absence is greatly missed, but his work carried on living. While Google had several attempts to ground this project to stand still, it is

still being actively maintained and worked on. I believe that this product should be available for everybody who wish to use it, without the hefty price tag asked by some of the big brands. You can get further support and follow the latest developments on our XDA threader.

OBD2 data on your AA dashboard combined with Speed Camre warnings.

More information about the app on the XDA threader. Get latest free version from: here or the pro version from: here


Imagine being able to to have your work controlled by location sensitive remote data capture...

"We found this system utterly brilliant and can't recommend it enough"

Adam, ARL Support

E-Clean was developed in collaboration with Zone Business Solutions, and it's the only product on the UK market which was designed and built by the Window Cleaning to the Window Cleaning industry. It's simplicity and lightness are the biggest advantages you can think of. E-Clean offers a seamless transition from the old fashioned paper based job signature to the new world of digital signatures. It is build around the idea - "bring your own device", and it

enables companies to take advantage of the operatives own hardware. The software is developed for both of the major players in the mobile industry Android and iPhone and it turns any of this smartphone into a digital signature capturing tool. All this can be easily overviewed and controlled from the back office, making the planning and scheduling of Window Cleaning companies a walk in the park. If you will like to find out more about E-Clean please contact: support@zonebs.co.uk


A good image paints a thousand words, how about over 1.5 million good images...

MyBibNumber is a photography company specialized in OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Events. They are a fast growing company and they needed a robust system which enables them to process, store and sell a huge amount of images in a very flexible, safe and affordable way.

The innovative techniques developed by SmallITConsultancy helped them realized just that in a short period of time without breaking the bank. The system is currently hosting over 1.5 million images, handels over 85.000 page visits each month, generated by over 20.000 visitor... see for yourself

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